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Friday, May 20, 2016

Mt. Adams - Pre-ride~

Frosty morning!  Very!  Cold, crisp fresh air & sunshine again!  Such an incredible place to enjoy such a day.  It wasn't long before we'd saddled up & were riding out to check the trails~
Through camp~
The start had been changed, to go right through the middle of camp - so that's the way we went.  With all the moisture, I was amazed at how dusty the roads in camp were.
On our way~
It's hard to believe the number of years that have gone by since I was on a trail with these two!  We wanted to see the trail markings to the north & to the south.  John soon left us - he'd already been out, so Diane & I continued on.  We rode the three-miles to the first water tank, then a little further.  Last year there had been many wildflowers blooming in the woods.  This season I really didn't see any - except of course the dogwood trees in full flower.
Diane & Titan check out the map~
Soon, we found out that the trails were dusty too, but such soft footing feels so nice when you've been used to rock logging roads.  We had to check out the big tree :-)
At the Big Ponderosa Pine
It was hard to have to turn back, but it was getting close to lunch.  The plan was to get registered early & try to get through the pre-ride vetting before the lines got too long. Well, of course we weren't the only ones with that idea :-)
Registration line~
 I had sent my paperwork in early, but there was only one line.  It was really no surprise how quickly we moved forward.  Anna - as usual had things totally under control!  It was going to be a huge ride, there were more rigs already in on Thursday, than there usually are on Friday!  It seemed there were so many new faces that we didn't recognize.  Always fun to catch up with old friends we only see at rides.  Since we go so seldom - there's always lots of news :-)
Butch trots Farah~
I'd brushed Farah & she was in her usual rare form for the trot-out!  Butch had his hands full!  It's a good thing that he feeds her - because she looked ready to rip!  She was so excited to be here - she knows that it's the place that she gets to GO!
Coming back~
No lack of impulsion!  She also didn't like the way Mike had approached her & kicked out!  That had never happened before & we didn't like it at all.  No excuse for bad behavior.  She pulsed in low & had her usual A's.  Mike said that he wanted a red ribbon in her tail~

More socializing - then back to our camp for dinner & bed.  I was concerned that the new pad would stay in place & hopeful that we wouldn't be riding in rain!   Trying new?  At a ride?  No, I haven't learned that yet :-)   
To be Continued~  Next - Ride Day!

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