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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We Get Through!

Did someone say; "Warm"?  Well, it was!  The humidity was high too or felt so.  I was more than ready to saddle Farah up & go to see if I still had any trails left up on the hills behind us.
Our first obstacle~
 Our trail out from Pat's was somewhere under this pile.  With my hand pruners I managed to cut us around it - but have more work to do.
Final private yard~
 At the top of the hill, our neighbor here too, had been cutting trees & putting the limbs over where our trail goes along the edge of their yard.  We went between the tree limbs & the yard to get by.
"Our" trail~
 Once past the yard, we found our trail - as usual this time of year - no matter how much we'd had it cut back - new growth was in our faces.  I had my hand pruners out again - will have to hope that I can convince Butch to come up with the weed-whacker again.
 Our favorite section - that has stayed mostly open - was.  What a relief, we could even do some trotting!  I didn't want to spend too much time cutting - since I worried that the big fir might still be blocking our way out.
Cut out!
 Yippee!  I was so excited to see it cut away!  With it gone - chances were good that we'd make it to the power lines.
Farah notices!
 In the shade of the woods, it was really nice - once in a while a breeze would cool the sweat.
 Darn, a little blurry - but the Foxglove above was so pretty against all the green & growing in the shade along side our trail.  We got out on the power lines, then went north & did our loop through the little woods.
Seed heads at the wetland~
 Circling back, we stopped at the big wetland.  The water lily's are getting ready to bloom.  It's almost like visiting old friends when we stop here - especially since it had been a while.
Upper end~
 Farah consumed mass quantities of Reed Canary Grass - the cattails are holding their own along the edge.
Heading back~
 A refresher course was needed for Farah to remember that it takes a lot of  side-passing & halting for me to cut all the greenery out of our way & get us through :-)
Water in the Beaver Pond
 There were puddles of water on the trails & still a good level of water in the pond here.
From the top~
I could see the haze moving over when we were almost home.  The day seemed to warm up the longer we were out.  Even so - it felt so good to be in the saddle again!  We both enjoyed it!

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