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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Little Things~

Recently, I've had reason to appreciate the little things - more...  There are so many little things that make up our world - from the smallest - to the largest - all are so unique to our life here on planet earth.  Today, when Linda & I stopped for a short break - the air was filled with these beautiful tiny Dragonflies.  So tiny, so delicate & yet full of life.
On the trail~
With the trails open, Linda asked if I wanted her to take me on a ride & that sounded perfect to me.    We did trails, lots of trails!  The wooded landscape is literally exploding with new growth.  As we turned to each section - Linda would say;  "Oh - this needs to get done!"  With a work party coming up on June 4th - all we can do is hope that the many people who ride & enjoy this incredible area - will come up & spend a day clearing trail.
Linda & Count
Farah again refused to cross a muddy wet spot - she had done so well for so long - I have no idea why she's again refusing.  Rather than ride the kind of wild leap that she took on the Quincy ride, I dismounted & sent her over - yes - she made a huge leap.  She also spent a lot of time chomping on her bit - when Count was in front.  Her preference is certainly for moving out - but I love enjoying the shaded beauty of the spring woods.  We went out to the far north - Baby Bear trail.  The mother bear & her two cubs have been spotted again this season.
From the Monument
It was just beautiful at the Monument - the Olympics visible through the high haze.  Warm in the sunshine, but easy to tell that the weather plans to change.  From here - we took the new trail that the Bike Club members finished the end of last year.  Winding, very well laid out as a nice challenging trail for bikes, not quite large enough turns for a fast trotting horse.  Still very soft in spots too, in another year or so it should settle.
New SaddleRight Pad
As we were making the turn up our road, Butch's truck made the turn in front of us!  Butch picked up a box at the gate & I knew right away what it was!  We unloaded Farah & tried the endurance style pad.  It really seems to be a nice fit!  It looks a little large under the Stonewall, which is a small saddle - but covers all the areas I like to have covered.  The drop down rigging sits well on it too.  I'd ordered a liner - but decided not to use it.
The new trail - between lap 5 & 7
Such a beautiful day, perfect spring saddle time!

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