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Friday, May 13, 2016

Making Changes~

What can I say about a good team?!  I am so lucky to have the best farrier around - one who's open to listening to my concerns.  Now, I've found that second person, Cassandra - with her experience on the track & various performance disciplines - who rounds out our team approach.  Willing to work toward my goal of keeping Farah sound & fit as the years go by.

I've had a feeling for a while that there were some things that could be changed with Farah's shoeing.  After riding with Cassandra on Wed., she mentioned that she had some ideas for Farah's hind feet that might improve the efficiency of her movement.  Her approach of physiological problem-solving rang a bell with me.  She also incorporates a holistic method that includes the latest research, tools & techniques that apply to performance horses.  Someone who looks for the origin of the behavioral characteristics that I've found challenging as Farah & I have continued to rack up the miles. 
The rear view~
Going with what's been working is always the smart thing to do, but I've never liked the way Farah will drag her toes on a steep downhill.  I thought it had something to do with her conformation, breeding, etc.  When Justin arrived today - I introduced him to Cassandra, who was kind enough to come over & explain first hand what changes she wanted to make.  The most noticeable you can see in the above photo.
Farah yawns :-)
 Justin pulled shoes, did the trim, then dropped the inside of the rear hooves - this moved the angle of the rear feet out about 7 degrees.  The difference in Farah was obvious - we could see her relax before our eyes.  After all the miles we've traveled,  Cassandra was impressed with how clean & tight Farah's legs are.
After the trim~
There's more to do with the front too, but with a ride hopefully coming up - none of us wanted to make too many changes yet.  The small ones that were made - looked great.  Cassandra explained that over time, the hooves will change shape, not necessarily toward pretty - but more in the direction of the natural way the hoof capsule wants to grow.  These changes will take several shoeing cycles to implement.  Over that time, it will be interesting to see if this improves Farah's attitude under saddle as Cassandra expects - since it will make it easier for her to use herself efficiently. 

We finished the afternoon with some body work - Farah yawned & enjoyed all the attention :-)  Please check out Cassandra's web site for more information on the services she provides.  Cassandra Snyder~

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  1. "over time, the hooves will change shape, not necessarily toward pretty - but more in the direction of the natural way the hoof capsule wants to grow"

    As it should be.


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