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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Putting the Pedal Down~

Back to the bit.  Trainers always get a laugh out of riders who try to solve their own horse related issues.  I've never claimed to be a trainer, but I am a rider.  Dean taught me that a rider rides - every stride.  It's the on-going search for that perfect sweet spot, between a horse & rider - that I find fascinating & challenging!

We were only a mile out when a bike came around the corner.  Farah stopped so suddenly that my thumb nail was broken to the quick, on the pommel.  Next - a woman running with a loose dog.  We'd gone right back to the trot & all she got was a nasty shake of Farah's neck in the dogs direction :-)
Fast Trail - everything growing!
The bugs were out in force today.  When the sun burned through the clouds, the humidity went right up.  I think the two of us probably breathed & ate our share of flying insects.
Whitehorse, Three Fingers & Pilchuck
We galloped all the way to the top.  Farah took one deep breath & we turned on the trail to the Monument.  She grazed & I made phone calls.  Yes, surgery was on, no it was off.  More phone calls, more paperwork - yes - it's on again. 
Farah in her bit~
I needed the exercise as much as Farah did.  I do actually think that she's so fit now - it takes more to get her edge off.  I know it takes more - to do the same for me.
False Lilly-of-the-Valley
The blooms of the natives are now all whites.  The Salmonberry bushes are setting their berries!  Soon - we'll have plenty of fruit to eat on the trail!
Morning Dove
I was on foot, walking down the big hill, when this beautiful Dove flew up in front of us & perched in a near by tree.  She sat while I got the camera out & took the photo.  A good omen, I do believe.  Once we were at the bottom, we turned back.  Farah was ready & leaped into a gallop, asking to go faster, faster & since we'd seen no one - I let her go.
Trails open!
At the intersection she really poured it - on to the crest of the final hill.  Another deep breath - she turned onto the trail at a trot - so nice to be able to ride the trails again!  They are so dry for so early in the year.  Soon we were back at the trailer, both of us feeling a whole lot better!

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  1. Wonderful ride, I feel as if I was pounding the trail with you!!


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