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Friday, May 27, 2016

Sunshine & Torrential Rain~

I had a meeting in Shoreline this morning.  Not having driven down that way on my own - for years - I noticed plenty of changes.  Traffic was moving right along - no complaints there.  Afterward, it was still early enough - that I decided to stop at Alderwood Mall & visit Nordstroms.  Another place I hadn't been to in forever.  The parking lot was full, but when I saw someone leaving - I managed to get the space.  Nordstrom wonders why their sales are falling off?  Well, bringing in more quality clothing for their outrageous prices might help.  I was looking for a trench coat - I've needed one for several years - so was happy when I found a nice London Fog that should last me forever.
The sunshine in the city, followed me home.  I let Farah out into the pasture just as I saw a big dark cloud to our west.  By the time I'd returned to the house - the rain hit!  It was stunningly beautiful!  Not long after - Butch was pulling in the driveway - he said that everyone must have left town yesterday - it was one of his shortest commutes ever!
Climbing Hydrangea
All that rain made for an incredible evening!  The days are getting SO long!
Rascal in the pasture~
I was walking around taking photos - something I've not done much of around home lately - when I saw that Rascal was out for a walk too.
On the fly!
In the next instant - he's flying down the pasture as fast as he could go :-)  Or almost - when a white blur of motion enters the frame!
He was running for his life from the "Princess"!  :-)
Nika was running so fast - the length of her stride is twice Rascals!  :-)  Rascal squeezed under the fence & made his way back up to the house with Nika right behind.
Nika - looking so innocent :-)
Hard to believe that Nika had her fourth birthday on the 17th.  It seems the older I get, the faster the time goes...
The Cottage~
With all the pollen washed away by the rain, the air was so fresh & clean!  I'd just love it if the temperatures could moderate & stay in the 70's rather than jumping back up into the 80's - predicted for next week.
Circle of life~
Even with all the yard work that's stacking up - it's easy to just enjoy being alive this time of year!

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