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Monday, May 16, 2016

Getting it Right~

 We went to Victoria today - to try out all the little changes that Cassandra suggested in my tack.  First, we moved the breast collar attachments from the D's on the saddle - lower - to the stirrup hangers.  That moved the "V" of the collar lower on Farah's neck.  I unsnapped the attachment to the saddle - to give Farah more room when she's grazing.
Fancy pad!  :-)
The SaddleRight pad we're borrowing from Cassandra is at least ten-years old - the color has faded, but the padding is still in perfect condition.  Only 1/2" thick - it fits Jackie's requirement of a thin pad for the Stonewall.  I have an endurance style on order & hope it arrives before we leave.  With a wool felt bottom, it doesn't slip & the saddle stays put on the suede leather top.  Time will tell, but I'm liking it a lot so far.
Mt. Baldy -
It was a chilly, gray overcast day - but the kind of weather that I love for riding.  Just cool enough to keep the bugs down & wearing a vest again seemed strange after the warm, record breaking mid-80's of last week.
Looking back down the mountain~
We also tried raising the bit one notch.  Farah's canine's haven't erupted, but they were close enough to the bit - that raising it a little took away the chance that it was hitting.  She was not chomping on it at all today.  I also moved the reins from the bottom ring, to the middle one on the Mylar.  Maybe not for competition, but seemed just fine today.
Salmonberries!  Fresh Fruit!
The Salmonberries were ripe!  After the last two days of rain, they were so fresh & yummy!  It seems early - I know I've made jam in June other years.  It was one of my Dad's favorites!
Farah in the Deep Dark Woods~
Before Cassandra's visit, someone told me that a good trainer is one that sets a goal for you.  We were in the tack room, Cassandra walked over to the Mikmar Loose Ring Snaffle that Sandra had me buy for Farah - while she was in training.  Putting it in her hand - Cassandra looked at me & said;  "This is our goal - for you to be able to ride her in this, no matter what you're doing."  I was caught totally off-guard & my face must have shown it :-)  As her words sunk in, I realized that goal would suit us perfectly!  If we get to that point - then we'll have arrived in more ways than one!  Thank you Cassandra!


Always Welcome~