Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Monday, May 20, 2013

Back on the Trail~

Monday, the weather returned to the sunshine that we'd been enjoying most of May.  Time to get out & do some trail time, on our own.  We did find three horse trailers at the parking when we arrived mid-afternoon.  I love the late afternoon light in the forest, everything seems to have a golden glow...
Where we came out~
We do some wandering when we're out on our own, if we find a trail that looks interesting, we take it :-)  We came out in an area that I didn't remember, but as long as there's a logging road, you know that you'll end up somewhere!  Looking up, I was sure that above us was the Monument.  Eventually the road, became a small trail going back into the woods.  That trail circled us around & we ended up making a loop that put us back on track for the climb.
Small loop at the top~
Farah has enjoyed our runs so much that when we turned to head up the hill, she cut the corner & started to gallop, digging in at every stride & propelling us faster & faster!  I love fast, but as we started to get near the top - the road was covered with a fresh layer of rock with a lot of fines - still soft.  Farah put on one more burst of speed & we crested the top.  As we did, she suddenly almost sat down on her haunches, dropping my butt into the saddle & came very close to sudden stop!  In front of us was a small bulldozer, running, that had been spreading that same rock!  What a Good girl!  A controlled stop from a dead run is my favorite way to stop!

Once out at the monument, for some reason - we pulled off to the side, where the trail comes out of the trees & into the open.  Farah was grazing, I was eating my trail-mix - when suddenly here came a guy on a bike - FAST!  Boy was he surprised to see us standing there watching him!  He could have easily caused a bad wreck - blasting out that fast.  Right after him were four more riders - most coming through so fast that they too didn't see me until it would have been "too late".  Gosh - did they apologize?  No...  I mounted & we moved back into the woods & over to the outlook to finish our break.
Farah catching up on her grazing :-)
On our way back, I heard a hale & the bike riders were coming up behind me - this time they let me know they were there & wished me a nice day.  I did the same...  hopefully they'll think twice before barreling out that fast again.  At least when I find them on one of the places we like to run, I tell them that we'll be coming back fast & they have been very nice about staying over to the side.  One guy said he didn't know that "regular" horses could go so fast!  :-)  Yep - regular horses can & do!

Another goal I had for Farah has finally been completed.   It took most of two-years of anticipation & planning - the inspection is history, the brand looks nice & it's a done deal!  Next, a trip to the ocean, in June.  Then a friend has invited us to participate in a CMO ride that's actually in our neck of the woods - Harry O's mid-June, so we're going to try that next!


Always Welcome~