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Friday, May 3, 2013

The Trails are OPEN!

The Green, Green Pond~
It was another magnificent day!  The trails are now open at Victoria & only two beautiful riding days late.  Not to complain!  So nice to get off the hard surface logging roads & move out on the soft dirt trails!

Linda usually has an "agenda" :-)  I love not knowing where we're going & always being surprised :-)  As you can tell from my GPS track below, we covered a lot of ground & even broke out my brand new Christmas present from one of our wonderful son-in-laws - who happens to work at;  Siskin Power Equipment in Everett.
It's a handy Stihl Folding saw!  It's just the right size to slip into my saddle bag & cuts through anything up to 4" in diameter.  We had a bit of a "discussion" as to who should use it first when we came to the tree that had fallen across the trail...  Linda won...  The next thing she said was;  "Wow!  It's even sharp!"  Well - of course it was!  It's New!  :-)  Thankfully there was another tree down a little further along & it was my turn to cut it!  :-)

Anyway - we did do a bit of fast trotting through the trees!  Farah tried to lose her mind - as Count sped away from her - she tried to give a disproving buck on a turn - slipped - almost went down - then gave a big grunt & got with the program!   Great end to a very nice week!

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