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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Out from Home~

Lush green, sunshine & shadows~
The rain did not continue today, instead we had another perfect Spring day.  I didn't seem to have the motivation to trailer out to ride & hadn't been up on our trails for a month.  As we moved into the trot, there was no problem with forging?  Farah was moving really well, she hit a couple times going over the rock, but not every stride.
Land of the ATV'ers - going north
I rode right on out & north to the area that we found a couple months ago.  All was quiet, early enough in the afternoon, no one was home from work - yet.  The footing above is soft, dry & perfect!
Deceptively deep mud hole~
This was the hole that was full of water our first time through.  The mud is deep & it's deeper bog on both sides.  We sunk in up to Farah's knees - I was thinking;  "Keep your shoes on!"  She did & we did - right on through.  Nice that there's a creek crossing on the way home :-)
False Lilly-of-the-Valley
The ground-covers are in full-bloom everywhere!  Just amazing!  I have these at home too, & really enjoy having them spread rather than buttercup!  A few weeks ago I posted a photo of this hill from the top, below you see it from the bottom.
View of the "hill" looking east.
The weirdest thing about this ride, is that Farah was moving out, really moving-out - without forging.  Why?  I have No idea...  But... you won't hear me complain if she gets through her inspection with her usual huge, collected, big, ground-covering stride!  Hope the handler can run!  :-)

With a loop at the far north, we went out & back on the same trail - the GPS gave us over ten-miles.  Still happy to have found enough "trail" to extend our range.

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