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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Life is Good!

Eileen on Cato & Farah
What fun!  When I was asked by Cato's owner Amanda & Eileen, (Who's taken on Cato's training while Amanda is recovering from a fall.)  if I would ride with them at Victoria - how could I refuse!  I wouldn't - ever!  I love this horse, I love his owner & having met Eileen only twice "face-to-face" I'd had the impression that she would be a fine riding partner & wasn't disappointed.  My biggest worry, especially this time of year - is the weather.  It's such a bummer when the mountain gets socked in & the views disappear.   We had rain most of the night & woke this morning to clouds.

Since Eileen lives south of Olympia, it was a two-hour drive for her to come up, she spent the night with Amanda & was again on the road for another hours drive this morning - to meet me in Arlington.  With the bridge out on I-5,  I decided that it would be just as easy to have her follow me on Hwy 9 & not worry about what might be happening out on I-5.  No traffic at all.  Either everyone is staying home, broke, or already where they were going!  We were the first trailers at the parking area, but by the time we left, the lot was filling up.  The trails were muddy on the surface - which made for some slippery footing. 
Cato & Farah enjoy each others company!
Farah recognized Cato right away & he her.  They even touched noses & there was no squealing or rude behavior, more like; "Hi!  Good to see you!" stuff.  These two have always been pretty well matched on the trail, this time - with the training they've both had since their last time out - they did super together, switching lead position, leaving each other - all the tricks we do to poor horses minds to try to train them.  Funny huh?  The way human's think?
Over looking the lake~
At the Monument the sun was out, then a big, dark cloud moved overhead & it started raining...  Time to head for the Big, Dark woods!  Once through there & out on the east side, the sky cleared again & the sunshine, blue sky, white puffy clouds & fresh air made it an incredibly nice day!
Eileen & Cato
 I loved seeing the smiles on the faces of both rider & horse :-)   We covered 14-miles in just over 3 hours & again, enjoyed the ride immensely!   Thanks to Eileen for the long drive up, to Cato - for coming with & Amanda for sending her boy out to see us!

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