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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

T-Shirt Quilts

My first 1,000 miles & ten years~
Years ago a friend told me about a quilt she was making using t-shirts from all the states that she had visited on vacation.  I had a huge stack of ride t-shirts put away & the idea was born!  That same friend took those t-shirts & made them into the quilt above.  It represents my first 1,000 of endurance.  I didn't have shirts for every ride & so we had some printed up with photos & for the additional blocks we needed.
Second 1,000 with Khari
When I started riding Khari, I began saving up for the day she would reach 1,000-miles & I'd have enough for a second quilt.  As it turned out, this quilt also represents Khari's entire endurance career with me, since I sold her right after that twentieth, fifty-mile ride.

I'd been looking for a fabric for the background, something Western - when my cousin & owner of the Quilter's Fix in Sheridan, WY called to say that she had found something that I'd like!  The print looks like tooled leather.  I cut out the patterns on all the shirts, ordered some for the rides that hadn't given out shirts & laid them out from our very first fifty at the Bryce XP, to the last at the Milwaukee Rail Trail.

Next was finding someone to do the work!  Again - Jackie came to the rescue & found a super talented seamstress in Sheridan to do all the blocking, binding, etc.  Deb is booked up months in advance, so during the wait, we ordered in the flannel for the back.  I love using flannel - it makes the quilts a little heavier & warmer.

When the finished quilt arrived in the mail last week & I opened the box, it was like opening years full of memories! 


  1. That's wonderful! Can't wait til I have enough ride tees to make my own :)

  2. It's nice when the t-shirts are dated too, but that prevents large orders that might cover more than one year of the ride & save on cost. I did date the ones I had made up.

  3. Love love love this idea :)


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