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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

High Overcast - Perfect Riding!

Another Victoria Loop~
Today I met up with two friends, one just back from a successful endurance ride with her other horse & the other conditioning up for a possible 100-miler later in the season.  I'm always just happy to have congenial riding friends :-)
Lake McMurray
A totally different day from yesterday - a layer of ocean air drifted in, overcast, cool - we had misty rain at home when I pulled out the gate.  It had stayed dry further north & I was the first one at the parking area.  We weren't out to break any speed records, just cover some ground - so I took point position :-)  I think that Joyce & Charlotte figured that I couldn't possibly get them too lost :-)  Though I made a wrong turn somewhere in my attempt to duplicate yesterday's ride, I did manage a decent loop & we again knocked out 11-miles.
Joyce on Jesse, Charlotte on Fancy
These two "Endurance" riders seemed to stick with me the entire ride!  :-)  The three of us hadn't been out on a ride together for a very long time.  Schedules change, lives move on & even though the three of us ride often - it's not often that we manage to merge our schedules nowadays...
Farah always has to unload, then grab some grass before we unsaddle!
Farah is running on her first shoes not put on by Art...  She's already managed to reef one & bend it to the point where the balance is now off - so we have a call in to the Farrier who is new to us - that we used for the first time one week ago.
Yep, Twisted...
 I'd warned him that we can't have much heel support without taking the front shoes off...  At least it stayed on - but obviously I'm anxious for the re-set.  Hoping to get the bugs worked out Prior to our AWS Inspection mid-month!

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