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Monday, May 6, 2013

Hot Fun in the "Summertime"?

Another very "fresh" clear cut~
Should I say that I wasn't too saddened when my Sunday ride was cancelled?  It was the hottest day of the year to date & the ride we'd planned was out in the open most of the way.  Instead, Butch & I ran errands, met an incredibly handsome black Morgan stallion that had me re-thinking the "breeding" thing - owned by Sandra & standing at stud at Ensbrook Farm.  We went to our favorite hang-out for a late lunch - then headed home.  Not that there's not a zillion things to do this time of year.

So we re-scheduled our ride for today & Bracken Rd.  Only one trailer there when we arrived, but a full lot as we were leaving.  As you can see in the photo above, there is a new area of active logging now.  Trees were falling & we decided it best to turn back & go by a different route.
Bracken Rd.
Even if hot, I'm no fan of anything over 80...  it was still so beautiful in the shade of the trees - everything leafing out - so many shades of green that they'd be impossible to count or name!  The trails are drying out nicely, so we could set a decent pace.  Jesse & Farah seemed to do pretty well together - for only their second time out.

Farah wanted to open up a little & I let her blast up the hill - she didn't even take a deep breath at the top.  She's as fit as she's ever been, healthy, happy & lots of "shine".  Sure a nice way to go into the months of Summer.  I'm thinking that an endurance ride might be fun, but we've the inspection to do first, then a much anticipated trip to the ocean in June - with friends!  We've not been camping at beach for years - so the trip is long overdue!

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