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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunshine Ride!

11-mile loop
Another amazing day in the Great Northwest!  Jennifer & Lynn planned a ride up my way - so I called Linda & she figured that our times would work out well enough that she could meet us on the trail.
Linnea, Jennifer & Linda
We met-up & headed up "Baby Bear" trail - at the top was this perfect place with Lots of fresh grass for those poor starved horses :-)  The temperature was perfect, not too many bugs out & we really had fun - doing some "swishing" through the trees on the wonderful open trails.
Blooming Elderberry in the blazing sunshine!
Later in the afternoon we started running into bicycles, but they were mannerly as usual & offered to make way.  Instead, Jennifer though we should turn back & allow them the room to get out onto the road - which worked - because at least then we could do the trotting that we usually DO on that trail~
Horse Trailer Parking
I have to say how nice it was to see horse trailers in the Horse Trailer parking!  Once Jennifer pulled in & one more trailer - the lot was full up!  That's a Good Thing!  Thanks for a Great ride ladies!

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