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Friday, May 24, 2013

Favorites from Inspection~

Butch & Farah
Anne Johnson of Blacktree Studio was the professional photographer who came to take photos of the AWS Inspection.   Her work is incredible & I was thrilled with the photos that she took of Farah.   The photo above was taken after the branding!  Obviously "Dad" wasn't in too much trouble :-)
Farah - trot!
If you're a fan of fit horses, you'll like Farah's look above, if you like the more well-rounded look of show ponies - then you're going to be disappointed.   We're traveling somewhere between 30 & 50 miles a week & enjoying every one.  It's so nice to not have any particular agenda, we're on the trails for the fun of it & I'm more than happy to have time to be out there as often as we are - enjoying what's been a very nice spring!  
Farah's "English" look! :-)
This is the last of the photos I purchased.  Couldn't resist having at least one with Farah in Sandra's English headstall!  Stacy's braiding really looked nice too!


  1. Connie- She looks awesome!

  2. Thanks - both of you! Would either of you be surprised if I said we might go to an endurance ride? :-)

  3. No, it like she's more than ready for one! See you at Klickitat?

  4. I'd not be surprised at anything, if you are both fit, go for it.

  5. Very much a fan of "fit" ponies. She is beautiful!


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