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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Riding Heart Lake~

Heart Lake Trails
The weatherman said Sunshine - there had been sunshine for three days & I'd not been in the saddle!  Time to call Jennifer & Lynn to see if they wanted a road-trip north to meet-up & ride some of my favorite trails!  Their answer?  Yes!  It was about noon when we pulled into the parking area, several families fishing & a perfect day to be on the island.

Jennifer wisely stopped to buy a map & took over as our trail guide.  This time, we went on the "southern" trails that Diane & I used to travel often.  I'd not ventured there on my own, but with the map - I was hoping that we might find at least one of the view spots that I knew were there.  These are technical trails with a capitol "T".  Lots of hills, short steep & some rock areas.  All three horses dug in & we spent the day climbing & admiring the incredible diversity of the area. 
An amazingly beautiful wildflower~
With the high cloud cover that moved in, it was a perfect day to be in such a perfect place.  We had do to a lot of stopping, taking photos of the wildflowers that were around almost every corner.    Jennifer did a super job of map reading!
Jennifer reading the map, as Lynn waits~
We found one of the view points where Diane & I used to go - we called it the "Big Rock" overlook.
Connie & Farah on the "Rock"  (Thanks for the photo Lynn)
Farah always anxious to be in the lead, was ready to take on the rock & would have gone right over the end if I'd let her!  It would have been one of those "Snowy River" moments for sure!   The three of us enjoyed the day, the company & the trails so much that it was hard to finally start back later in the afternoon.  We're hoping to plan another trip soon, with more time & ride the area we didn't get to today & re-ride this one!

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