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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Whidbey Island~

Coast of Whidbey Island
The first time we drove over to Whidbey Island was in the early 80's.  Fort Ebey had just become a state park.  Gas was cheap in those days, we drove Butch's Dad's old Rebel & took weekend day trips to picnic & hike with the girls.  Whidbey was close enough & yet far enough that it was like a mini-vacation every time we went.   When we bought our first little Apache fold-up camping trailer from Butch's parents - we thought we'd hit the big-time!  Most weekends, we'd have the campground to ourselves.
3-30-85 Our first camping trip with the Apache~
We managed multi-family residential apartments & had negotiated with our employer to have two, three-day weekends a month off-site!  Always packed & ready to roll by Fri. morning - we'd be on the road early!  We had So much Fun!  I miss those times, years when the girls were home & our little family was so close.
Butch with the "kids" :-)
Now, Whidbey is still the escape we enjoy - whether for a day or a weekend.  The girls have done some camping over the years with their respective families, but finally - this summer we've actually planned our first family camping trip & we're really looking forward to that!
Looking South down the coast~
We walked along the beach until the incoming tide put an end to it & it was getting dark.  The storm clouds were moving in & the first drops of rain were starting to fall.   (I picked up the first trash & the first cigarette butts that I'd ever found on the beach - really saddening after all these years to find those items...)  It's still my favorite place for walking, contemplation & enjoyment of the majesty of our natural wonders~ 

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