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Friday, June 7, 2013

About Face! Day 3

Dena & Bella
This day, we woke to overcast, high cloud cover & No wind!  It was wonderful!  To top it off, Dena & her mare Bella made it to camp!  Bella & Farah met two-years ago, Bella on her first trail ride & Farah on one of her first trail rides with other horses.  The two mares, both standoffish to others, found a friend in each other.  Their riders too!  :-)

Away north we go~!
Farah by now was confident enough to take the "water" side as we turned north :-)  Bella took it all in with perfect aplomb!  On the return, Dena moved Bella into her beautiful Canter & the two of them looked so relaxed!  Since it was Bella's first time out,  we headed back to camp mid-day. 
Morning route north, evening "Loop" south
That evening after dinner I rode out with some new friends who I'd met on-line, but never ridden with.  They knew where to access the inland trail from the south jetty back in the dunes to camp!  Rachelle had a beautiful off-the-track thoroughbred mare!  What a site to see her big muscular read-end in a nice hand gallop down the beach!  Farah wanted to go too, she hit her big trot & we came up on them at over 13-mph, still trotting :-)  On the way back, there were riders who wanted to walk, Farah was full of herself, so we went on alone.  Near camp I didn't know which turn to take, so went back out to the beach when I heard the big horn on the truck signal dinner in camp - still to our north!
Later that evening~
After dinner, I asked Butch if he'd be willing to get some video of us & a couple good pictures.  The light was fading fast, the tide starting to come in again - more wind, but oh so beautiful...
The tittle of the above video - "About Face" tells the tale!  :-)
Our girl started paying attention~
Finally, I wanted a gallop - so we took off to the south -
In just under a mile - we circled back toward Butch.
It felt amazing - room to run - not as fast as we'd both have liked, but a nice long run - FUN!  Farah was more willing to walk in the water now, cooling off.  All too soon, the setting sun went behind the clouds.   The wind felt colder & we headed back to camp~
Another end, to another day in Paradise~


  1. sorry, I laughed OUT LOUD! she is QUICK-like isn't she? what a wonderful time you had!

  2. Sounds like Bella took things in stride really well!

    The about face video had me laughing out loud.

    1. Bella's first trail ride was as a 2-yr. old. She's sure matured now at only 4!
      I'm glad you got a laugh! :-) I was just happy for my deep seat! :-) At my age & with all the metal in my leg - the last thing that interests me is hitting the ground! :-)

  3. Another WOW - the photo right above "later this evening".

    Do you take these with your cell phone? or what kind of camera are you using.

  4. The "Saddle" photos are with my Samsung Rugby Smart. Waterproof too! The "later" one, Butch took with his new camera that he bought for work, I'll check to see what it is.


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