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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Final Ride - Day 5

Final Morning~
It's amazing how a good friend can motivate me!  Dena said as we were heading back to our respective camps in the dark last night;  "Lets ride in the morning!"  I knew we had a long drive home & Butch needed time to set-up for his week ahead... but when he said;  "Go ahead" - how could I say no?  Farah was saddled & we were at Dena's camper door early :-)
Dena & Bella in the Sunshine!
The next best thing to your own first time at the beach, is being able to share the enjoyment of your friends first visit there!  The tide was WAY out!  The beach sand was packed as hard as we'd seen it.  Again we did some really nice cantering!  Farah even copied Bella's nice, slow jog trot!  Finally - it was really time to go...  Dena headed to her camp, I decided to see if Farah wanted one last run.

She did!  We took off down the beach!  When I turned her north again - she let me know that all I needed to do was come along for the ride!  What a ride she gave me!  As we flew past the trail back to camp - I was thinking that she'd be making a wild right turn... No!  Without even a break in stride we continued on!  I truly believe the closest to flying a human can come is on the back of a horse~
Farah enjoys the grazing~
Back in camp, Butch had us packed up & ready to hit the road home.  We loaded Farah, put the dogs in the back & were on our way~
Camping is So tiring!
We both had a Great time!  The "mini-vacation" was just what we needed.  The time to enjoy our friends, meet new friends & kick-back was golden.  (Farah & I had covered just under 40-miles!)


  1. You make me happy! I feel so lucky to be able to ride with you and Farah. Bella and I love you guys!!!

  2. Enjoyed your wonderful horseback riding beach pics and video. That is something I would love to do some day too.

    1. I had fun putting it together - big thanks to my husband for all the amazing photos & video too!

  3. The first picture on this post: WOW!


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