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Saturday, June 15, 2013

CMO - Continued!

Our Finish!
I wish I'd had time to video the three of us out on the trail!  :-)  It's really such a blast!  :-)  We'd go trotting along, Farah in the lead - since on this day - nothing stopped her!  Steep, muddy downhill to the creek?  No Problem!  :-)  Our job became to set the pace, as David in second told us where to turn & Brandi in the rear - kept us from overshooting our mark!  More of our strategy I will not divulge - since I hope to ride with these two again!  Where it gets tricky...  Is when you run into other teams!  You For Sure do not want them to see what you might have already seen!  You For Sure, want to watch them to see what they've Seen - If they've Seen It!  :-)  Get the picture?!
We're officially done!
 When we found a plate,  it had the name of an historical figure written on it.  We had to write down the initials of the first & last name on each plate.   Once we crossed the finish line, we had to provide the Ride Manger with the list of initials on the plates that we'd found.  Having rode fast & hard, only having made one mistake in our route that cost us some time, we were amazed to find that we'd come in second place!
The first place team beat us by 26-min.
I had my GPS on, it recorded our ride as over 13-miles.  The Ride Manager had thought the route was about twelve.  A good distance when you're looking for those plates!  It is completely against the rules to use any type of electronic device.    We'd had such a fun day & good time!  That evening we enjoyed a really good pot-luck with some really nice people!  Great end to our first day~

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