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Thursday, June 13, 2013

You Know The Feeling!

Ominous clouds~
Last week, when we loaded Farah into the trailer, Butch said;  "She's missing a shoe."  Those words a rider Never wants to hear - especially when you're loading up for several days of camping & riding with friends!  I ran back up to the barn, pulled two Renegades out of my bag & tossed them in. 

Farah was still on the first shoeing by our new Farrier.  She'd pulled her RF just the week before inspection, now - the RF was gone again.  As we were cruising down the highway for OR, I messaged our leader & found out that she had invited a Farrier!  Once at camp, I was introduced to Justin & he was kind enough to take the time to put on a shoe.  It was different from the ones she had on - with a little break-over built in. 

I took it easy all during our trip, hoping that the slight difference wouldn't cause a problem.  It didn't.  I was relieved to see Keith's truck pull up at our gate on Tue.!  He left that RF on, put on a LF that matched & put new steel on the rear.  There was plenty of growth & her feet looked great!

Today was our first test - these shoes passed with flying colors!  No forging, no clicking - Farah was as smooth going into her transitions as I could have wanted.  All Good!
Thimbleberry blooming!
It was Great to get out on such a cool, nice day!  We took our time, both of us happy to be out & about!  The Salmonberry are ripe!  I ate quite a few & gave some to Farah.  After spitting one out, she ate the others & wanted more!
We found Foxglove blooming too!  These trails used to be thick in foxglove, but no longer, too much grading, logging etc.  The other thing that hit us in the face - was...
Our trail home~
greenery!  Lots & lots of green & growing stuff!  Of course blackberry vines tangled in & catching us more than once!  I think I'll be doing some trail clearing of my own here in the next week or so!


  1. This is pre-summer at its' best in the PNW! 'tis a bit like plowing through a car wash.... of greenery right about now...:-) so gld the shoeing story has had a happy ending OMG. YEP, I know the feeling WELL! No Hoof, No Horse.


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