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Friday, June 21, 2013

On Our Own~

Foxglove & the Valley
It was one of those eerie days that happen after a big rain storm has moved through, but not yet completely left the country!   I'd planned a ride with a friend, but she had to cancel, so with the new axle on the horse trailer, I decided to head up to Victoria & just do the loop on the logging roads to stay off the trails, that were incredibly wet & muddy after two-days of pretty much pouring rain.

I just let Farah set whatever pace she wanted & as usual she didn't disappoint me.  Her swinging walk was over 4 mph., then we hit a good trot for the beginning of the climb.  Next was the trail where she likes to run - so we did a little of that.  I had a feeling though - that with the logging starting there was bound to be equipment around & how right I was!
Not quite "between the ears"!
Farah literally went from a gallop to a very large hop in the air, both front feet coming down together & we came to a abrupt halt!   All was quiet, the equipment blocking the road, so we walked between the two & on over to the monument.
The tide looked to be way out again~
Staying overcast & cool, only a few drops of rain fell on us while Farah grazed & I snacked on my favorite trail mix.  We've seen the little bunny every time we've been here for the last several weeks.  So cute.  He stays around for a few minutes each time, then darts into the thicket.

Sticking to the roads, we ended up with just under ten-miles.  Once back at the trailer, we started down the road & something caught my eye.  Two owls sitting up on the lines near a pole!  They flew a few feet away into the trees as I passed - wishing I had my good camera with me.
Meadow - looking south~
On a clear day - from this vantage point you can see Mt. Rainier.  Today the clouds covered the view.  Sure a beautiful afternoon & a really relaxing ride.

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