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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lightening Strike!

After my very wet, soaking ride yesterday - Butch & I were sitting out, watching the storm, when we heard a LOUD explosion...  & the "sizzle" of a lightening strike!  WAY too close for comfort!  Next was the crack of the thunder!   We both looked up toward the barn, Farah was standing in the door of her stall - all OK there.

This morning when I went up for my walk in the woods, Nika went running ahead of me, then starting barking!  As I came out on the top of the hill, it was plain that the lightening had stuck this Cedar!
Nika checks out the mess~
This tree was stripped from top to bottom on the east side & the pieces were blown over an area of over 100 ft.  Bark hanging from the surrounding trees!  It was a very scary feeling to be standing there in the woods & seeing the power of that strike! 
At the base~
The fence was still standing~
 I'd always been under the impression that when you're in a fairly thick wooded area, that you'd be somewhat safe from a strike?  Not!  I know that I had that prickly feeling when we were under those power lines yesterday & that storm rolled in so fast!
Big chuck of tree blown away~

The debris field is large!
The plan had been to meet-up with friends today for a nice ride, but we were overly optimistic as to the weather...  After surveying the damage, I decided that the thought of riding this afternoon with those thunderstorms rolling in/out within minutes - that the most reasonable thing to do was to cancel! 


  1. Wow, Not a sight one gets to see very often!
    We were driving back home yesterday and saw one bright flash! But, only the one...

  2. Wow. Nature is pretty impressive.


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