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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Priceless Days - Day One~

Following our Leader!
A Very Good friend invited us to her annual horse riding weekend camp out!  Butch took vacation days & we were excited to go!  It had been years since I'd been on an Oregon beach horseback!
Last stop at Safeway - Astoria
Caravan going down!  We took up a lot of real estate!  What fun though - a larger presence on the highways & our fearless leader even directed us in the car pool lanes going through Bellevue!  It worked & saved us a lot of time in the solid stop & go traffic.  Once at the camp ground, again - our "leader" had all our license plate numbers ready for the Park Ranger & we could drive right in & set up camp!
Late afternoon & Beautiful!
Once our camp was set-up, we headed to the beach with Rascal & Nika.
Glorious Day~
 Both dogs were ready to take on the beach & whatever they might find there!

Except!  This jelly fish didn't get touched!

Nika enjoying the sand!
We walked about a mile & started back, looking for where we'd come down.  It was easy to spot, since our "colors" were flying from the signpost!  :-)
That little red bandana worked really well for me more than once!
That evening we'd planned a pot-luck dinner, so all met-up at Bonnie's site - where food started appearing from every direction!  Yum!  The long days made it so nice to sit out & enjoy the evening & the company, but everyone was anxious for morning & riding to come!

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  1. Oh darn it, I got excited, thinking this was somewhere in WA, and that you could help me find a place to camp here...but its not...oh well,


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