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Monday, June 17, 2013

Return to Redmond Ridge~

Our Route
This day I met up with Lynn & Eileen at Kathryn Taylor Park on Redmond Ridge.  Another day of continued sunshine & very warm!  Eileen & Amanda have a game plan for Amanda's horse this season & since I'm always up for a ride... :-)  Lynn agreed to be our Trail-master & sat a beautiful route!   The plan called for  faster paced ride, covering at least fifteen-miles.  These trail are so perfectly groomed that the only real obstacles are urban busy road crossings, barking dogs on the inside of privacy fences & many people out enjoying a walk with or without their dog.   As different from our trails of the weekend as you could possibly find.
Wetland area
 Even in such an urban setting, there are still those quiet places where we can stop, let the horses drink & eat some grass.  Lynn set a very nice moving pace, always in the lead - putting me in the position of working to keep Farah slowed from her usual working pace.  Eileen brought up the rear with Cato - doing a beautiful job of rating him, stopping him, turning him, going the other direction - then catching up etc.  All the games we play to teach a horse that the rider does rule!
End of our ride~
We traveled to the Redmond Watershed, through Trilogy, Union Hill & Redmond Ridge too.  We ended the ride up on the small hill above the parking area, where we could see all the way to Seattle & the Olympic Range~!  Just a spectacular day to be in the saddle!   KTP by hhmstead at Garmin Connect - Details

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