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Saturday, June 1, 2013

National Trails Day!

Butch weed whacking up the trail~
We were up early, on the road & to the parking area by 9 a.m. meeting up with a group that consisted mostly - actually entirely of the Trailduster Chapter of BCH.  What a great bunch of people!  There was a trailer full of equipment - pick your poison!  I took my loppers, Butch took the weed whacker & away we went!  It was actually a perfect day to work outside, enough cloud cover to keep the temperature down, but we were all sweating in no time flat!
Cleared trail!
Linda wanted a new trail put in where the logging had taken one out, so we got that done.  Butch & I worked on the upper trail & cleaned it up too.  Then we all got into trucks & headed to more trail that needed work.  There we found two prints in the mud!
My foot by the print!
The group consensus was Black Bear!  No claws showing, they have them retracted unlike Grizzly's - who's prints do show claw marks.  We didn't see the Bear, or smell him, but with so many people making so much noise, I'm sure he left the area!

After all our work, we had Pizza!  Yum!  It felt good to get out & work.  It felt good to do something for the trails that I use so often.  The BCH do over 60,000 hours of trail clearing a year on public lands, private too.  So, if you didn't do your share today - then be sure you find a day that you can & get out there!  Linda would be more than happy to point you in a direction & to a trail that needs work!  This time of year the greenery takes over & that includes stinging nettles!

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