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Sunday, June 16, 2013

CMO - Day Two~

We head out on Sunday Morning!
This day we had a shorter route, enabling us to be done in time for the drive home.  Many riders had traveled several hours to attend.   Farah was finally getting the "idea" of what we were up to.  She lead, she paid attention - she did ever so much better - which allowed me to actually be a little more help to my team mates!  I actually found some of the clues!  I even shot some lines that looked correct! 
We return to camp!
This day we rode just under eight miles, again finding all the plates & setting a darn fast pace between them!   So - again - we were surprised to find that we'd finished in second place & that by only 20-seconds over the third place team!  We didn't get a photo of the finish board this time, but take my word for it - it was close

Fred was the gentleman who lead the winning team both days!  He rode an incredible big gelding that could really move!  When we spoke with him later that afternoon, he admitted that his knowledge of the trail system was a huge advantage.  Even so - his experience at the sport was impressive.
David, Brandi & Connie
We show off our ribbons~!  :-)  I have to thank David & Brandi for mentoring me through these rides & introducing me to the sport!  Others had told me that it was a great training ground for the horses & I certainly found this to be true.   For a minimal fee, to get in a good ride, have the fun of finding the clues & riding with friends?  It doesn't get much better than that!

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