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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Even Grand!

Farah & Connie
One horse, One rider, One Thousand Miles to date!  February of this year - when I joined the Distance Derby & started logging our miles - it seemed like a very lofty goal.  With the companionship & support of my long-time riding partner Joyce - Farah & I attained that goal on today's ride!  What a thrill!
The blue hole!
I've managed to maintain our position of fifth place on the leaderboard for a few weeks now, but can't help but be impressed with the riders who've been nipping at our heels!   There are only a couple of us riding one horse in the race & it's a real commitment to keep any horse sound as the miles continue to add up.  Shoeing has been a real issue for me, even at five week intervals, I didn't think we'd get through today's ride with all four shoes still on!   Justin is coming tomorrow & it's sure not soon enough!  
Between heaven & earth~
Yesterday, I was looking for some distance.  I knew how close we were & wanted to be riding with Joyce when the Garmin locked down those last few miles.  With a ride planned for today - even though it was raining, even though we had to start early & even though Farah's shoes were literally held on with a wing & a prayer - we were determined to get the deed done!  Before the end of the month, before the end of Summer & before my closest competition!  :-)

It was such an incredible day!  Which just goes to show that even if you start out with a purpose, you can be surprised at the beauty nature can throw your way!  It was Really Something to see!  The video above shows a little of how we felt somehow suspended both in space & in time...
Kitt's Trail + some exploring!
Now, back home - Farah gets a much deserved warm bath & tomorrow new shoes.  She's opinionated, bossy & classy too - but what means the most to me is her grit & determination.  Nothing phases her, she does her best to keep me topside & she's always eager to trot on! 

No, it's not AERC miles, nor Limited Distance miles, but they're Our miles & we've enjoyed each & every one!  I'm sure this is the most I've ever ridden in any given year & with the year far from over,  we both love heading back out to see what's over that next mountain!   


  1. Wow, big congrats! The most I ever did was about 550 a year and that was a lot of riding - four digits is amazing. Go Farah!

  2. Thanks Funder! We've actually found some "new" country to ride in & it's all about the beauty of the view from the saddle for me. Now... if someone would pay us $$$ - for all this riding - we could afford to travel to the multi-days! :-)

  3. Congratulations on the 1000 miles. That is awesome. You've ridden in some beautiful places

  4. I used to log so many miles with Ozzy every year... and I miss it terribly. This entry is a reminder that I want to get back into it.

  5. Well done! Connie and Farah, you guys have logged some serious miles, enjoyed some great times & views together & are an amazing team. I am SO impressed!!


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