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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Riding the Scott Main Line

My ride today on the left, Centennial Trail on the right~
No one could ride with us again today, so I headed up to the Victoria Tract & decided to go somewhere different.  I wanted to see if I could find the way to what's called the old "Scott Main Line".  Why it has that name I don't know, but once I found it - I wanted to finally go see where it ended.
First we had to go north to go downhill again~
It's almost all the way to the bottom of the mountain.  We headed down, then took the roadway to another down.  At that point, we could finally turn south - where the trail runs pretty much parallel with highway 9.
Lots of leaves falling!
 We found at least four different roads/trails that headed up hill - where I don't know, but a place to do some exploring this Winter when the trails are closed.
Beautiful Wetland on the way~
It was very quiet down here, just the rustle of the falling leaves & smell of Fall!  We continued on & on & on, till we came to a huge clear-cut.
Looking back at the Mountain~
Way off in the back you can just see the rise of the mountain where the Monument & great views reside.
This is where the photo above was taken~
We'd come from the far left, turned up here to take the photo, so I decided to take the smaller trail/road that went straight ahead from here.  That went a long way too.
More clear-cuts
Finally, about when I thought we'd need to turn back, the road turned & headed back the direction we'd come!  I actually thought we might find a loop!  It was disappointing to find that the road/trail we'd been following was reduced to what was a road at sometime, but hadn't been used for a very long time.  Totally overgrown & swampy from the last couple rain storms too.
End of the Road
I called Linda, to tell her where I thought I was & see if she had any ideas of how to proceed?  She just reminded me that it would be easier to find me before dark!  That got me to thinking that the day was actually almost over & it was more than time to turn back!  Farah settled into her traveling trot & we made good time.

We were galloping up our "running hill" when I felt Farah hesitate & in the next second saw three bikes coming down the hill - a t us - FAST - taking up the entire road!  Farah made an evasive maneuver sideways into the Salmonberry bushes as they flew by - with a "sorry" over their shoulders!  Next meeting of the PRA, you can bet I'll be there to talk to the guys who represent the bike riders.  I'm thinking that the "rules of the road" should apply here too?  Like staying to the right?  Just in case someone might be coming from the other direction?!

We were back at the trailer as the sun was setting, having covered just over 17-miles.  Really a beautiful ride~


  1. Wow, what beautiful trails/roads. That short time--when the air is still warm and the leaves are still on the trees but beginning to turn color and fall on the ground is one of my favorite times to be out riding. Hope this rain doesn't last for months!


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