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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Into the Cool & Clouds~

Moving in~
The weatherman said something about a big, slow moving storm that was coming up from the south - one clear day - then tomorrow & Friday - rain!  I didn't want to miss an opportunity to get out while the getting was good!  Joyce too had a plan for today - checking out some of the trails that she'd used years ago - even prior to when she moved into the "neighborhood" of the tree farms.
Freshly graded roads~
The first thing we couldn't help but notice, was the freshly graded logging roads, so fresh that when we came up on the grader - we were ready to turn back.  The operator was super nice, just out to clear the brush from the sides.  Not to open it up for more logging - which was our first thought.  The footing was so soft - especially after yesterday's rain - that Farah wanted to move-out so we did!  It was perfect for good long stretches of trot!
Large clear cuts
We found some large clear-cuts & lots of lots of forest!  The idea is to maybe make a loop or two out from where we found dead-ends today.  Sure looks possible & would be some nice Winter riding.  Now the truth comes out!  Joyce likes my Google trail images!  :-)  So I'll share it here.
We were out well over three hours & covered just under 20-miles.  It was an invigorating ride!  At this rate, we'll have to move up in distance - again :-)  After Diana Nyad's incredible record breaking swim - who can question what can be done when we take up new challenges, or re-visit old ones?   Not that I will... mind you!  But Karen's book makes those 100's sound like so much fun :-)  Not!


  1. Fabulous pictures of your riding country on this and the previous post, very jealous. Enjoy your trails
    Angela - author of http://160kminoneday.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you Angela! Really enjoying your blog also!


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