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Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Smell of Fall~

Our trail through the tall trees~
After two-days of canning in the kitchen - it was time to Ride!  Butch has taken some vacation days, originally we thought we'd have to make a trip to CO.  Thankfully - that didn't happen - so instead, we're both working on projects here at home, before the rains return.
Our trail west - brush cut~
 That said...  I was itching for some saddle time.  It was so late in the day by the time I'd finished the second batch of zucchini relish - it was easier to head out from here.  It had been awhile since we'd been out on "our" trails.  I was surprised that the air in the woods had the smell of Fall!  Just enough leaves on the ground to rustle as we passed through.  We haven't had enough brisk nights to start them turning yet, let alone falling.  What color we do have is from our dry summer.
At the north end
 It was obvious that the utility company had come through & done a lot of brush cutting under their lines.  Everything looked "wide-open" in comparison to a couple months ago.  Rounding the corner to head north at the upper end of our "loop" I found where they were putting all the debris.
Brush piles
We rode around, back toward the gas lines & turned back.  Still too early for sunset, but that's going to be changing fast!
Reed Canary Grass
Farah was determined to stop at her favorite grazing spot - where the Reed Canary Grass grows lush & thick in a low wet spot. 
Our Trail back~
The last section of trail that we take to get home, the same that we worked hours to clear a few weeks ago, has held up pretty well - even after the rains.  Next time through I'll have to be clipping blackberry though!
Mt. Philchuck
It was going on 7 p.m. when we crested the hill, a beautiful end to the day~

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