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Friday, September 13, 2013

Charlotte's Web~

Ode to Fall~
Friday the 13th - not superstitious - or so I say, but I still drove carefully, paid attention & was happy when Linda & I were in the saddle & out on the trails.  The day started out overcast with heavy fog at home.  During the drive north - nothing changed.    When Linda asked me which way I wanted to go, I said;  "The Waterfall Trail".  I hadn't been on it in years & Linda didn't know what kind of shape it would be in.
The creek, silt over the bridge
It was as steep & technical as I remembered, when we slid down the hill to the crossing, the culvert was partially blocked & the slit had covered the top.  I dismounted to see if the little handmade bridge was still solid & it seemed to be.  Farah paid attention to where she put her feet & made it over, Linda rode Count over without incident.  We kept expecting the day to clear, but instead the fog just seemed to thicken.
Fog in the Woods~
It was almost oppressive...   We were circling the mountain & staying on trail.  Some places actually muddy & slick from the recent rains, other places, bone dry.
The "view" of Lake McMurray
By mid-afternoon, we were still riding trail.  We came to a switch-back where horses had cut up the hillside rather than taking the trail.  Something that always makes a trail steward mad.  We dismounted, I tied Farah off up the trail a way, with Linda just below us.  We started tossing limbs back over the area that was torn up.   Suddenly Linda yelled; "Bees" - "Run"!  I climbed up to Farah - untied her & took off at a run up the steep, narrow trail.  I heard thrashing behind us - Count was getting stung!  Next, Linda said;  "I've got to let him go!"  This was not good...  he's big & powerful & was coming right up the trail at Farah.  Farah - didn't move a muscle - just stood there on the trail, alert.  As Count pounded toward us, I watched to see what side he would take to get past - the uphill - steep, or possibly push her off the downhill side.
Our route~
I wish I'd had the presence of mind to pull out my camera.   As Count came up behind Farah's rear - his expression changed from panic to "OH!@  Farah!" as he applied the brakes & stopped shy of running into her!  Guess if it was a choice of being stung or Farah's wrath - he chose the bees!  :-)  Linda caught up to him & as she did, the bees came behind her!  Still on the warpath!  We both took off running up the trail until we were out of breath, mounted still on the run & took off to the top!  Finally...  there...  the bees gave up!

No excitement in our lives!  Linda had two really huge sting welts that we treated with Dean's anti-itch cream.   Later Linda found welts on Count.  Good horses both!  Of course we looked at each other & said;  "Gee - wonder why those other riders had gone off trail on that corner?!"  Yea - we can be a little dense sometimes!  :-) 

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