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Friday, September 6, 2013

Another Brick in the "Wall"~

Our two bricks
Under the Resilience Arch Plaza just north of Haller Park, there have been bricks installed on the convergence of the Centennial & Whitehorse Trails.  These bricks are available for a small fee, that supports the trail & it's further expansion toward Darrington.   Butch & I have had a thing for purchasing bricks since we first heard that the Pike Street Market was selling bricks to help finance renovation & new construction in the mid-80's.
Certificate of Recognition
Ours was still there about ten-years ago when we looked for it.  We haven't checked lately, but it was in a "good" spot - not heavily used, but where we did find it.  Now, after reading the article - guess we'll have to go down for another "hunting trip".  :-)
Museum Brick
Another year, the Island County Museum in the town of Coupeville, on Whidbey Island was promoting memorial brick sales to help with their renovation.  This was right when the movie "War of the Roses" was was filmed on the island & the actors who were in the movie, (Michael Douglas was one) - purchased bricks!  So did we!

I think it was my Dad who started me on putting my name somewhere permanent :-)   In the back yard of each of the three homes we had in Boulder,  Dad would install a clothes line for Mom.  The posts were set in concrete & each time I got to put my hand-print & name at the base.   I have to wonder if they are still there?   Maybe we'll have to go check that out our next trip.

Here on the Homestead, when concrete hit the dirt, there was someone putting their initials, hand-prints or both into the fresh wet cement.  Abby's kennel was the first thing we built & it still has her paw prints at the door along with her name spelled out in agates that Jentry collected on our beach trips.
Jentry & Abby doing the print!  9-1-1990
So - here we are many years later & still buying bricks!  The plan is to get out there shortly on our bikes -  for a photo!  If you haven't taken up this particular "hobby" now would be a good time!  Support the two wonderful linear parks that so many have worked so hard to make reality!


  1. My library has bricks outside the building--brick sales support the purchase of artwork in the library and in the surrounding park. I think bricks are an AWESOME idea, and I love your commemorations!


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