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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Keeping an "Eye" on the Girls!

Whitehorse wearing clouds~
What an incredible morning for a drive to Darrington!  Once I drove out from under the fog & gray cloud cover around Arlington - the day brightened.  I even had an excuse for the trip, an opportunity to watch our two youngest granddaughters while their mother was away a couple hours.

Well...  It took both eyes!  I thought I was in some kind of shape - but after a morning of chasing after two two toddlers, I felt like I'd ridden the Derby!  :-)
Skyla goes fast!
Then - not that long ago, Josie was just starting to walk.  Now - she's into a full run most of the time!   Two such sunny little personalities, such a joy to see in "action"!   Thank heaven their mother is young & agile! 
Skyla & Josie
I did manage to get the two of them in one spot & grab the camera at the same time :-)  By the time mommy had returned & we had lunch - I think it was past nap time!
Sunshine & flowers~
 It was a absolutely beautiful day.  A little chilly, light breeze, a few gold leaves falling lightly to the bring green grass of the yard.  Tall trees, shedding those leaves against a clear blue sky~

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