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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Red, White & Blue Would Spook you too!

Then there are those Sheep...
Just had to get out!  Cloudy all morning, but it looked like it was going to stay dry.  Farah had escaped from her run last night & woke us munching outside the bedroom window at 3 a.m., so decided that she needed some exercise too.  Heading up the hill, she always has to stop & check out the neighbor's sheep.  She's finally used to them now, so they're not as interesting as they were, but still worth a stop.
I wanted to see what the wetland to the north looked like, beautiful as always, but still overflowing the powerline access road.
Swamped out~
I bet this is really going to be looking full in a few weeks when we start getting more rain.  I can't get much further anyway - as the easement is blocked with barbed wire in just a short way.  We turned back & took the way to the northern most point of our loop.  There's a nice stretch for trotting & we were...  when...
Horse Eating Monster!
We came up on this!  A red, white & blue monster!  Really did look weird I do have to say!  It was some type of flag ornament, made from paper on a wire hoop that had managed to hang up perfectly at the top of a small Alder!  It was even moving a little in the light breeze!  At THIS - any self-respecting horse would turn & run!  Farah tried!  I pulled her up, she was snorting, I hit it with my stick & it stuck to the stick!  Wow!  Now we're really excited!  I got it unstuck, tore it off the tree & wadded it up to show her.  Result - "Oh, I wasn't really scared of it, I'm going to graze now!"  :-)  Lucky for the mare, there was a very nice bunch of blackberry, ripe for picking & I picked & ate!
Each year when I mention eating blackberry to my high school girlfriend in CO, she comes unglued at what she pays in the store for them! 
South on the power lines
It was looking dark & we'd felt a few rain drops by the time I turned back toward home.  It was really quiet & I value that so much!  Just the clip clop, cling of my mares feet & loose shoes!  Even at a five-week schedule, we run out of steel & have a day to go!
No mountain to greet us today~
 No view of Mt. Philchuck today, just the heavy clouds hanging low.  So close now to the beginning of Fall, my favorite season of the year.  The Big Leaf Maples are starting to turn gold now, so it won't be long...

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