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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ridin with Friends~

Farah waits in the shade~
Yes, as with most of us these days of electronic everything - I read Facebook.  It's not the newspaper, but it's certainly almost as news worthy!  Not every day - some days more than others, weather dependent :-) & use it to keep up with my friends.  I saw a post late last night - that my Fishy & Pirate type friends, who usually call themselves the Usual Suspects, planned to ride at one of my favorite places - Victoria - today!  The weatherman was promising another sizzling hot day - but they were leaving early enough that I figured we'd be done before mid-afternoon.
Contrast day - hot sun, cooler shade, haze over the Cascades~
I loaded Farah & we arrived early.  Next was Aarene, of Haiku Farm with Fiddle, then Dory, Tim, Patty, Siri & Monica of Horsebytes!   Can you just imagine the reading we'd all have to do if everyone had a blog?  :-)  Anyway, it wasn't long before we split up into two groups, the two "A Type" full-of-themselves mares - Spotty & Farah setting a nice pace, with Tim on his new horse keeping up. 
Dory & Tim
 After a nice loop, we met-up with the rest of our party for a photo op at the marshmallows.  Monica & Aarene took the mandatory "City Slickers" photo - it took some positioning to get everyone in a "line" - or maybe an "almost" line?    Here's a photo from Aarene that Monica took.
The Motley Crew :-)

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