Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Friday, September 20, 2013

Last Ride of Summer~

Farah enjoys the day her favorite way~
We headed out on our own this day.  No particular agenda - just enjoying what was supposed to be the last nice day of our incredible Summer.  It was warmer than forecast, high 70's & high humidity.  There were several horse trailers at the trail head, but we didn't see another horseman all afternoon.
Cheap beer at the Monument's base~
At the monument, it was saddening to find that someone had left two full beers & one empty.  This happened about this time last year too - have no idea who thinks it's a good idea to share - but wish they wouldn't...
Between Farah's ears~
It was just a gorgeous afternoon.  Neither of us were too motivated, we checked out some trails, took some photos & I put in some time on the ground.  I walked the very long downhill stretch from the top, down to the bottom of what I call our running hill.  As long as I was walking, Farah followed behind, but once I started jogging - she started her trot, came up along side, gave me a dirty look & had to travel in front of me!  :-)  Once at the bottom I mounted & we did our run to the top.  It was exactly a mile uphill run!
Our route~
We met one gentleman on foot with a basket, looking for mushrooms.  He hadn't had any luck when we saw him, but Linda & I had seen some last week & I wish we'd picked them!  It was pretty late in the day when we started back.  The shadows were getting long~
Bio-fuel trees now planted in the meadow~
The view above will change quickly, as quick as these trees grow...  I'll miss it - I'm sure.  We covered some ground, both had a good afternoon & were looking forward to Friday evening home!

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