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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Shoes~

Left rear
Five weeks to the day & the barium nail head on the outside edge heel is worn even with the shoe.  Justin & I both think they are the only thing keeping the shoes on her feet!  The view from the side, shows just how much steel is gone from the shoe.
Right rear
Justin suggested I might try Cutting with Farah?  As you can tell from the next photo & I can certainly tell when riding her - she uses & works off her rear end!  It's her ability to carry herself on the rear that gives her that cat like quality on the trail that I appreciate so much.  She's by far the lightest on her feet of any horse I've owned.
After 159 miles
Farah's point of break-over is just to the outside on all four feet.  Center is ideal, but if you can't have that - it's better than having the break-over to the inside, which you sometimes see with horses who "paddle" or are base narrow.  (I was so spoiled with Khari, her break-over & feet were as close to perfect as it gets.)  I'm told that Farah's narrow shaped rear feet are a Saddlebred trait?

I'm not complaining!  Sound is my favorite word when spoken by a Equine Professional.  Regardless of whether you prefer your horse barefoot, booted or shod.  Here in western WA when it's so wet most of the year, if you ride, you have to have some type of hoof protection.  Farah doesn't have contracted heels, they're nice & wide open - plenty of support.  Justin also said that being ridden regularly, contributes to strong tendons & with strong tendons, the heel tends to stay in the proper position, neither too low or too high. 

Speaking of protection, riding on all the rock roads we do & as hot & dry as it's been this summer I did leave pads on the front.  With them off now, the frogs look good & her sole should have a few more weeks of decent weather to toughen back up.


  1. Yeah, Fee has "trotted out" of both front shoes now. The nails just wore all the way off (regular steel nails, not barium).

    She's bare/booted in front when I want to ride until the farrier comes out this week--couldn't do this during the wetter months because her soles get too tender, but it's okay as a temporary arrangement for now.

  2. It keeps you riding! That's what counts~


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